Trio Chemirani: Tchechmeh

Trio Chemirani: Tchechmeh
Title: Tchechmeh
Artist: Trio Chemirani
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 794881743520
Genre: International

The main instrument in classical Persian music is the zarb or tombak. The Word zarb has several meanings - fingering, a bar of music, the tempo, whiles tombak is onomatopeicn with 'tom' indicating the bass note made when the drum is stuck in the middle, and 'bak' the one made on the edge of the instrument . The Zarb is a goblet drum made out of a single piece of mulberry or walnut wood covered with goatskin for the head...

1.1 Badihé
1.2 Reng É-Rachel
1.3 Pounzdah
1.4 Pablo Va Djahan
1.5 Nasr'din Kodjass ?
1.6 Yazdah
1.7 Zabou
1.8 Ouchan

Trio Chemirani: Tchechmeh


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