Groshek, Toni: Red Light/Green Light

Toni Groshek: Red Light/Green Light
Title: Red Light/Green Light
Artist: Groshek, Toni
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 748252060037
Genre: Christian

Hello listeners.....thanks for finding your way to my music. I'm a worship song leader from La Crosse, Wisconsin and I'm honored that you're still reading this. These 10 original songs are musical journal entries spanning the last six years of my life as a Christ follower. In order to find victory and true joy in the Lord, it's important for me to be transparent with Him in prayer, as well as in my day-to-day relationships with the people He has put in my life. Journaling my faith journey through my song lyrics has been a powerful way to express my faith and the daily tensions that come with it. Allow me to tell you about myself by telling you about my songs... To The One: This is a song of victory over my struggles with depression and anxiety, based on Psalm 144:9-11. I should always start a conversation about God by giving my praise and adoration 'to the One' who gives me victory! Red Light - Green Light: This is a self pep-talk as I tried to convince myself in the early stages of this project that it could actually be a reality, in spite of my fears of rejection and feelings of inadequacy as a new songwriter. I had been waiting on the Lord for a number of years, asking Him when I could start to move my music dreams higher on the priority list in the midst of raising a young family. His red light answer was frustrating at times, but I knew one day it would turn green. From Here To There: I wrote this ballad in the wee hours of a Christmas morning as I was meditating on the true meaning of Christmas - the gift of salvation through Jesus. The chorus is a 'sinner's prayer'......the moment when someone turns their life over to God and asks Him to be the Savior and Lord of their life. Crowded: This song had humble beginnings as scrawled ideas on a Caribou napkin! For a six month period, I had completely lost my sense of identity in Christ because I was basing it on what I was 'doing' for Him instead of what Christ has done for me. There is an alarming tendency for me to crowd God out of my life by focusing on the 'tyranny of the urgent' (Charles E. Hummel). Fill Me Up: I was experiencing an intense dry season in my relationship with Christ when I wrote this one. It came to me as I was on a prayer walk, asking Him to fill me again with His love and power. It starts with the voice of my then 7-year-old daughter and morphs into my own adult voice, capturing the need to come to Him with the faith of a child. Like Her: My songs don't always come to me during reflective prayer moments......this one tumbled out during an appointment with my vacuum! It was a raw disclosure of feelings of jealousy toward other singers who had 'made it big' in the music industry. Too often during this season of my Christ-walk my subliminal prayers were stuck in 'Lord, why can't I be like her?' Extraordinary: Countless times I've used the word 'awesome' to describe the most mundane and UN-awesome things in life?! I'm bothered by the fact that I use some of the same adjectives to describe God (extraordinary, awesome, holy, phenomenal) as I do to describe a movie I've recently seen or a meal I've enjoyed. Just Do It: I wrote this song during a road trip that would've ended with a new family dog being adopted, had I not listened to the Spirit saying, 'Have you prayed about this yet?'. Before all my planning, scheduling, configuring, organizing, scheming and purchasing, I need to put on the attitude of 'Lord willing.......'. Vanity Insanity: 'The vanity insanity is driving me crazy, when everybody says you've got to look so amazing. The mirror mirror on the wall is telling me 'Baby, you're not as young as yesterday and girl you need changin' '. Need I say more? Only Believe: This was the first song that I wrote and I dedicated it to my parents and siblings, who are each on their own faith journey. 'I know, to you, my faith seems illogical. I've taken this Jesus thing way too far. The things I do and say might seem could there be a God who holds my heart? There's nothing I can say that'll make it clear. There's nothing I can do to change the past. The only way you'll know that His love is real is when you give your life to Him at last. If you would only believe.' You're still here...thanks for taking the time to read about my songs. I hope they inspire you to know and worship the resurrected Christ. Soli Deo Gloria, Toni G.

1.1 To the One
1.2 Red Light / Green Light
1.3 From Here to There
1.4 Crowded
1.5 Fill Me Up
1.6 Like Her
1.7 Extraordinary
1.8 Just Do It
1.9 Vanity Insanity
1.10 Only Believe

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Groshek, Toni: Red Light/Green Light


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