Tina: Positive Mental Health Music

Tina: Positive Mental Health Music
Title: Positive Mental Health Music
Label: Speedy Wunderground

Freud's process of therapy was famously labeled the 'Talking Cure' - through the act of conversation participants received cathartic relief. Positive Mental Health Music (PMHM), the debut album from South East London band Tiña, stems from this idea. Lead singer/songwriter Josh Loftin explains that he used the songs to "work through a mental breakdown," and that for him "writing is like solving a mystery." The 11 track LP provides an honest and intimate portrait into this process of self-examination, covering themes of anxiety, depression, love, sex, isolation, fear and failure. Yet, PMHM is anything but a difficult listen: the tracks are catchy, lively - even danceable at times. Loftin's cooing vocals, his lyrics poetic yet slightly self-mocking, sit atop a blend of psych-pop keys, drums and guitars, all guided by the shepherding hand of producer Dan Carey.

1.1 Buddha
1.2 Rosalina
1.3 I Feel Fine
1.4 Rooster
1.5 Closest Shave
1.6 Growing in Age
1.7 New Boi
1.8 Golden Rope
1.9 It's No Use
1.10 Dip
1.11 People

Tina: Positive Mental Health Music

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