Griffith, Theresa: My Healing Place

Theresa Griffith: My Healing Place
Title: My Healing Place
Label: CD Baby

Theresa Griffith sings Comforting, Healing Words of love and encouragement like the warm embrace of a nurturing lullaby. For Insomnia, Pain and Illness of any type. Reduces the heart rate and blood pressure thereby reducing pain and causing a deep sense of calm. Features Joanne Dusatko on guitar, Barry Phillips on Cello and Theresa's soothing bass and C flutes. Theresa Griffith is an International Celtic Flutist and Vocalist who just finished her 14th CD. Her specialty is healing music which has gained her recognition in the medical community with such uses as pain and stress management, massage therapy, autism, ADD, birthing, and Hospice as well as a host of other health related uses. In recent years she has played for the Irish Government, the President of South Korea, the US National Governors Convention, National Massage Therapy Association, Holistic Nurses Association, and The International Hospice Celebration.

1.1 My Healing Place - Theresa Griffith

Griffith, Theresa: My Healing Place

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