Howling Diablos: Return of the Funk Hand

The Howling Diablos: Return of the Funk Hand
Title: Return of the Funk Hand
Artist: Howling Diablos
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 880925120928
Genre: Rock

Legendary Detroit Band Howling Diablos with Special Guests: Wayne Kramer (MC5), Vin E Dombroski, Mary Cobra, Jimmie Bones, The Original Vandellas, and more...Produced by Tino Gross for Funky D Records credits released 29 November 2013 'Return Of The Funk Hand' - FUNKY D RECORDS HOWLING DIABLOS 1.Funk Hand 2:58 2.George Clinton Got In My Car 3:21 3.Good Good Vibes 2:30 4. Hennessey Special 4:10 5. Can't Stand The Rain 3:44 6. Real Gangsters Don't Wear Tennis Shoes 3:24 7. Play House Blues 3:10 8. James Brown Said 3:10 9. Voodoo Party 3:50 10. Storm Clouds 3:38 11. I Am A Man 3:37 12. Don't Fear The Funk Hand ReMIX 3:31 Feat. The Vandellas The Players- John Evans-alto sax, flute, clarinet. Tenor sax Erik Gustafson-guitar, dobro Mo Hollis-bass Johnny 'Bee' Badanjek-drums/vocals Tino Gross-Lead Vocals/guitar Kymberli Wright-vocals Wayne Kramer-Lead Guitar (1-2-12) Jimmie Bones-piano B3 Organ (3-5-8-9) Robert Bateman-vocals (4-6-12) Rebecca Saad-vocals (1-2-9-11-12) The Vandellas -Annette Helton & Rosalind Holmes -vocals (12) Paul Miles-vocals (12) Carley Hartwell Silverstein-vocals (6-7-8-10) Dennis Moon-B3 Organ (4) 'Sensitive' Kenny Robinson-trumpet (6) Joey Bowen-vocals (6) Sam DiCaro-vocals (7-9) Benjamin Kay-guitar (6) Dennis Burck-additional bass-(11) Jeff Grand-slide guitar-(8-9) 'Hurricane' Carter-intro vocal (7) Additional Players on 'George Clinton Got In My Car' Vin E. Dombroski-guitar/vocals Mary Cobra-guitar Produced by Tino Gross at Funky D Studios Engineered by Nigel Burnside Asst Engineer-Dave Linden Mastered by Jim Kissling Artwork-Bette Chapelle Promotions-Linda Lexy Spiritual Adviser-John Sinclair Special Thanks to Margaret Saadi Kramer All Songs performed by Howling Diablos Written by Tino Gross Alienteen Music BMI except: 'George Clinton Got In My Car'-(Dombroski-Gross) 'I Can't Stand The Rain'-(Peebles-Bryant-Miller) Universal Music.

1.1 Funk Hand
1.2 George Clinton Got in My Car
1.3 Good Good Vibes
1.4 Hennessey Special
1.5 Can't Stand the Rain
1.6 Real Gangsters Don't Wear Tennis Shoes
1.7 Play House Blues
1.8 James Brown Said
1.9 Voodoo Party
1.10 Storm Clouds
1.11 I Am a Man
1.12 Don't Fear the Funk Hand

Howling Diablos: Return of the Funk Hand


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