Future Sound of London: Yage 2019

The Future Sound of London: Yage 2019
Title: Yage 2019
Artist: Future Sound of London
Label: Fsol Digital
UPC: 5013993992653
Genre: Electronic

2019 release. In 1986, iconic group The Future Sound of London released the UK Top 40 chart album Dead Cities, from which came a track "Yage". Such has been the interest in this masterpiece of electronica over the years that the guys have been back into the studio to revisit it. "Yage 2019" takes the core of the original and rebuilds it. All together there are eleven tracks (and two bonus tracks not on the LP) reconstructions and interpretations, woven together (as FSOL do) into a dreamscape journey.

1.1 Yage 2019 (7:16)
1.2 Floating Into Focus and Then Moving
1.3 Away (3:17)
1.4 Purged (4:53)
1.5 We Flew Together (2:42)
1.6 5 Yage (Rhodesia)/Insulin (4:58)
1.7 Voodoo Doll (3: 38)
1.8 Earth Spirit (1:37)
1.9 Ayahuasca (6:15)
1.10 Slowly Stumbled (1:15)
1.11 The People of Yage (Humanoid Rebuild) (3:39)
1.12 Yage Sunset Strip (2:44)
1.13 A Sensation of Vaguness (5:41)
1.14 The Images Were Simple and Few (3:18)

Future Sound of London: Yage 2019


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