Future Sound of London: From the Archives 6

The Future Sound of London: From the Archives 6
Title: From the Archives 6
Label: Jumpin N Pumpin

2010 collection, the sixth collection from the pioneering Electronica outfit. Once again they have come up with an inspired selection of tracks that had been left as just ideas at the time but now completed and mixed to be delivered in all their glory. Brian Dougans and Garry Cobain began their musical partnership and friendship in Manchester, England, in the mid 1980 's whilst the two were studying at Manchester University. Dougans had already been making electronic music for some time when they first began working in various local clubs. In 1988, Brian embarked on a project for the Stakker graphics company. The result was Stakker Humanoid. In the following three years the pair produced music under a variety of aliases, followed by the breakthrough classic ambient dub track Papua New Guinea in 1992, which was also the first release under The Future Sound of London moniker.

1.1 March of the Money Men
1.2 Light Forming
1.3 Coast Line
1.4 Cross Winds
1.5 Gyrated
1.6 She Fell Backwards
1.7 Jelly Legs
1.8 Then Departed
1.9 Protractor
1.10 Camel
1.11 Abandoned Incoming
1.12 Induced Coma
1.13 Swarm
1.14 Linear Block 5
1.15 Unassumed
1.16 Elation

Future Sound of London: From the Archives 6

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