Fu Fops: Fu Fops

The Fu Fops: Fu Fops
Title: Fu Fops
Label: CD Baby

What is patience? Few of us truly know the meaning of this simple word. Patience to Angel Z of The Fu Fops meant persevering through years of hardship to reach this point; four separate bids in prison, extreme poverty, and the frustration of not having the right people to work with to accomplish what he knew in his mind he was capable of. Several years and several notebooks later, Angel Z finally hooked up with Junior Smalls and Glax tha Rippa through mutual friend DJ Imran; the chemistry was immediate, and so The Fu Fops were formed. The style that defines The Fu Fops is hard to pigeonhole; one song might be profoundly introspective, while the next track is raunchy, ready-to-kick it music. From laid-back r&b to intense hip-hop, Angel Z and the Fu Fops will have you singing along to their infectious hooks as soon as you hear them.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Stay Golden
1.3 Fat Girls
1.4 That's Me
1.5 Dick Daily
1.6 Bottoms Up
1.7 Ma-Ma
1.8 Mister Good Bar
1.9 Don't Touch Me
1.10 Just Layin' Here
1.11 Arms Are Too Short
1.12 I Did
1.13 Galileo
1.14 No Holes Barred
1.15 Baby Mama Drama
1.16 Ridin' Thru the City
1.17 9 Milli
1.18 Gallery Slangin'
1.19 What the Hell
1.20 Oldies But Goodies

Fu Fops: Fu Fops

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