Exploited: Punk's Not Dead/On Stage

The Exploited: Punk&
Title: Punk's Not Dead/On Stage
Artist: Exploited
Label: Anagram Punk UK
UPC: 5013929015128
Genre: Punk

2008 digitally re-mastered and expanded two CD release. Punk's Not Dead, one of the biggest selling Punk studio albums of all time, reached #20 in the UK charts in 1981 and it is now coupled with one of the biggest selling Punk live albums of all time (#52) plus bonus tracks. Deluxe booklet contains in-depth liner notes by Burning Britain/Day the Country Died author Ian Glasper, plus pictures of all relevant single and album sleeves.

1.1 Punk's Not Dead
1.2 Mucky Pup
1.3 Cop Cars
1.4 Free Flight
1.5 Army Life (Part 2)
1.6 Blown to Bits
1.7 Sex Violence
1.8 SPG
1.9 Royalty
1.10 Dole Q
1.11 Exploited Barmy Army
1.12 Ripper
1.13 Out of Control
1.14 Son of a Copper
1.15 I Believe in Anarchy
1.16 Army Life (Single Version)
1.17 Fuck the Mods
1.18 Crashed Out
1.19 Exploited Barmy Army (Single Version)
1.20 What You Gonna Do
1.21 Dogs of War
1.22 Blown to Bits (Live)
1.23 Dead Cities
1.24 Hitler's in the Charts Again
1.25 Class War
1.26 Cop Cars
1.27 Crashed Out
1.28 Dole Q
1.29 Dogs of War
1.30 Army Life
1.31 Out of Control
1.32 Ripper
1.33 Mod Song
1.34 Exploited Barmy Army
1.35 Royalty
1.36 SPG
1.37 Sex Violence
1.38 Punk's Not Dead
1.39 I Believe in Anarchy

Exploited: Punk's Not Dead/On Stage


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