Creation: Action Painting

The Creation: Action Painting
Title: Action Painting
Artist: Creation
Label: Numero
UPC: 825764106429
Genre: Rock

Produced by Shel Talmy (The Who, the Kinks), The Creation put out two years of dizzyingly diverse singles, from crunchy, catchy guitar rock to lightly trippy pop to sultry blue-eyed soul to avant-garde psychedelia. Commercial success largely eluded them, but they've been a hipster touchstone ever since. This is your chance to get caught up on The Creation: 46 tracks, their complete 1966-68 studio recordings, remastered by Shel; their pre-Creation Mark Four tracks join the UK hit "Painter Man" plus "Making Time" (as heard in "Rushmore"), "Bonie Maronie," "Uncle Bert," "Ostrich Man," "Sweet Helen" and more including fresh stereo mixes where previously unavailable. Double-vinyl version is a 24-track "best-of"; both editions include books with unpublished photographs (16 pages with the vinyl, 80 with the CDs)! Numero.

1.1 Making Time
1.2 Try and Stop Me
1.3 Painter Man
1.4 Biff, Bang, Pow
1.5 Sylvette (Edit)
1.6 If I Stay Too Long
1.7 Nightmares
1.8 Life Is Just Beginning
1.9 Through My Eyes
1.10 How Does It Feel to Feel
1.11 Tom Tom
1.12 Can I Join Your Band
1.13 Midway Down
1.14 The Girls Are Naked
1.15 Bonie Maronie
1.16 Mercy Mercy Mercy
1.17 For All That I Am
1.18 Uncle Bert
1.19 Cool Jerk
1.20 I Am the Walker
1.21 Ostrich Man
1.22 Sweet Helen
1.23 How Does It Feel to Feel (Us Version)
2.1 Hurt Me If You Will
2.2 I'm Leaving
2.3 Work All Day (Sleep All Night)
2.4 Going Down Fast
2.5 How Does It Feel to Feel (Us Version - New Stereo Mix)
2.6 Biff, Bang, Pow New Stereo Mix)
2.7 For All That I Am (New Stereo Mix)
2.8 Can I Join Your Band (New Stereo Mix)
2.9 Through My Eyes (New Stereo Mix)
2.10 Tom Tom (New Stereo Mix)
2.11 Midway Down (New Stereo Mix)
2.12 Nightmares (New Stereo Mix)
2.13 Life Is Just Beginning (New Stereo Mix)
2.14 Painter Man (New Stereo Mix)
2.15 If I Stay Too Long (New Stereo Mix)
2.16 How Does It Feel to Feel (UK Version - New Stereo Mix)
2.17 Cool Jerk (New Stereo Mix)
2.18 Hey Joe (New Stereo Mix)
2.19 Like a Rolling Stone (New Stereo Mix)
2.20 Making Time (Instrumental)
2.21 Sylvette (Full Length)
2.22 Instrumental 1
2.23 How Does It Feel to Feel (Instrumental)

Creation: Action Painting


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