Child: Complete Child Collection

Child: Complete Child Collection
Title: Complete Child Collection
Artist: Child
Label: Glam / 7T's
UPC: 5013929058804
Genre: Rock

The first ever CD by 70s Pop legends Child! Three albums plus bonus tracks. Disc One is the ultra rare German-only LP featuring the singles 'Public Enemy Number 1', 'What's A Nice Girl Like You' and 'River Of Love'. The four bonus tracks include the 'Maybe Baby Someday' single plus three non-LP B-sides. The second disc is 1978's strangely titled 'The First Album' which includes the UK #38 hit single 'When You Walk In The Room' and the #10 hit 'It's Only Make Believe' plus the band's anthem 'Still The One'. The third disc is the 1979 'Total Recall' LP which features the UK #33 hit single 'Only You' plus the 45's 'Shape I'm In' and 'Here Comes Summer-I Can't Explain'. Plus the bonus of two non-LP B-sides.

1.1 Public Enemy Number One
1.2 State Dancer
1.3 Mr Piano Man
1.4 Never My Love
1.5 I'm Down
1.6 Rock 'N' Roll Singer
1.7 What's a Nice Girl Like You
1.8 You're No Good
1.9 Too Late to Say Goodbye
1.10 Love and Let Go
1.11 Hurdy Gurdy
1.12 River of Love
2.1 Maybe Baby Someday
2.2 Sad One Sided Love Affair
2.3 The Thought of You
2.4 Drive Me Wild
2.5 Maybe Tomorrow
2.6 When You Walk in the Room
2.7 Honky Tonk Lady
2.8 Don't Wanna Say Goodnight
2.9 I Lost My Chance
2.10 She Was Too Young
2.11 Still the One
2.12 Lonely Blue Boy
2.13 Loves Away
2.14 Stay with Me
2.15 Crazy Eyes
2.16 It's Only Make Believe
3.1 You Are My Destiny
3.2 I Don't Want Our Loving to Die
3.3 Only You
3.4 Yummy Yummy Yummy
3.5 Take Good Care of My Baby
3.6 Don't Turn Your Back on Me
3.7 The Shape I'm in
3.8 It Might As Well Rain Until September
3.9 Dream Lover
3.10 Here Comes Summer - I Can't Explain
3.11 It's Only Make Believe
3.12 Wild One
3.13 Caroline and Me
3.14 Where Would We Go (What Would We Do?)

Child: Complete Child Collection


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