Taneyev / Vinokur / Hosprova / Barta: Complete QNTS

Taneyev / Vinokur / Hosprova / Barta: Complete QNTS
Title: Complete QNTS
Artist: Taneyev / Vinokur / Hosprova / Barta
Label: Supraphon
UPC: 099925417628
Genre: Classical Artists

"Taneyev is one of the few with genuine promise - he will be a magnificent pianist and splendid composer," is how N. G. Rubinstein praised his pupil. When it comes to Taneyev's compositions, there is still plenty to discover. Born in Imperial Russia, at the age of 10 Taneyev enrolled at the Moscow Conservatory to study the piano (with Rubinstein) and composition (with Tchaikovsky). While in Paris, he made the acquaintance of Turgenev, Gounod, Flaubert, Saint-Saëns and other great artists. At the tender age of 28, he assumed the post of director of the Moscow Conservatory, where his pupils included Rachmaninoff, Scriabin and Glière. The detailed elaborateness of Taneyev's complex scores bears witness to his thorough exploration of Bach, Mozart and Beethoven works, and a sharp intellect that remarkably blends with bold emotionality in lyrical and dramatic areas. The wide colour spectrum has been rendered splendidly by the Martinu Quartet and their guests on a new recording of the complete Taneyev quintets - an album that serves as proof of the artist's position among the most distinguished European composers. Sergey Taneyev's quintets - beauty worthy of discovery.

1.1 Introduzione (Adagio Mesto) - Allegro Patetico - Olga Vinokur/Martinu Quartet
1.2 Scherzo. Presto - Olga Vinokur/Martinu Quartet
1.3 Largo - Olga Vinokur/Martinu Quartet
1.4 Finale. Allegro Vivace - Moderato Maestoso - Olga Vinokur/Martinu Quartet
2.1 Allegro Con Spirito - Jiri Barta/Martinu Quartet
2.2 Vivace Con Fuoco - Jiri Barta/Martinu Quartet
2.3 Tema Con Variazioni - Jiri Barta/Martinu Quartet
2.4 Allegro Sostenuto - Jitka Hosprova/Martinu Quartet
2.5 Adagio Espressivo - Jitka Hosprova/Martinu Quartet
2.6 Allegretto - Scherzando - Jitka Hosprova/Martinu Quartet
2.7 Finale. Vivace Con Fuoco - Prestissimo - Jitka Hosprova/Martinu Quartet

Taneyev / Vinokur / Hosprova / Barta: Complete QNTS


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