T-Nutty & Liq: Slangin And Bangin 2

T-Nutty & Liq: Slangin And Bangin 2
Title: Slangin And Bangin 2
Artist: T-Nutty & Liq
Label: Nutt Factor
UPC: 814519022879
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop

Slanging and banging is the topic again as rappers T-Nutty and Liq return with the second installment of their mixtape series with the release of Slangin and Bangin Part 2 ? on February 24, 2017. After the remarkable success of the first Slangin and Bangin, the two artists from South Sacramento have been hard at work crafting another album to again give their loyal listeners a glimpse into the glamorous yet cutthroat life in their shoes. When asked if Slangin and Bangin Part 2? has a similar feel to Part 1 T-Nutty explains: "We did a lot of shit different in Part 2. We went in a little harder, but we still gave it the Slangin and Bangin feel though. We kept it in the family."

1.1 No Stains (Feat. C-Bo ; G Swiv)
1.2 Pop Pop (Feat. Mob JR)
1.3 Slide 4 Em (Feat. Street Knowledge)
1.4 Tucc It Flush It
1.5 Goin Thru It
1.6 No Hoe Shit
1.7 Cali Baby (Feat. Marvaless, Work Dirty, G Swiv, G Will)
1.8 Heavy on Me (Feat. Thola ; Stunna Blue)
1.9 Were These Niggas Come from (Feat. Ryda J Clyde)
1.10 Gotta Get It (Feat. Killa Ta ; G Swiv)
1.11 Money ; Musle (Feat. Jack Thrilla ; Dr)
1.12 Still Thuggin (Feat. Thryz, N Doe ; Lil Meek)
1.13 One Thing 4 Sho (Feat. Big Gunplay ; G Swiv)
1.14 Me ; T-Nutty (Feat. Mitchy Slick)
1.15 Kadas ; Turbans (Lavish D ; Gatlin)
1.16 Cut the Rope

T-Nutty & Liq: Slangin And Bangin 2


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