Subsonics: Flesh Colored Paint

Subsonics: Flesh Colored Paint
Title: Flesh Colored Paint
Artist: Subsonics
Label: Slovenly Recordings
UPC: 191924317265
Genre: Rock

2018 release. Atlanta's Subsonics are a gutter-glam, minimal rock 'n' roll trio. This is their eighth album and it's called Flesh Colored Paint. Like all their previous works, this is a distilled hodgepodge of decades of popular culture and classic literature culminating in a collection of short and groovy shambolar: Chuck Berry, Albert Camus, AM radio rock jocks, Bo Diddley, Golden Age TV, surrealism, Mad Magazine, kung-fu flicks, Herman Melville, Little Richard, self-negating philosophy, David Johansen, The Bible, Dee Dee Ramone, Lee Van Cleef, Cornell Woolrich, advertising jingles, Dada, Carole King, Bugs Bunny, and Casablanca; the poem, not the film. This is a gorgeous mess of an record, and it's cool. Real cool, killer. We hope you'll find something within to make you think, or at the very least, dance, if it's too deep.

1.1 Flesh Colored Paint
1.2 You Got Eyes
1.3 Baby and Chita
1.4 Why Should Anybody Care at All
1.5 Begging Hands
1.6 Too Much Too Many Heartaches
1.7 Die a Little
1.8 In the Black Spot
1.9 Most Popular Boy in Town
1.10 I Must Be Poisoned
1.11 I Believe I Don't Believe
1.12 Johnny Left Hand
1.13 Cold Cold Winter
1.14 Permanent Gnaw

Subsonics: Flesh Colored Paint


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