Mednick, Steve: Never Mind the Rain

Steve Mednick: Never Mind the Rain
Title: Never Mind the Rain
Artist: Mednick, Steve
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 888295070645
Genre: Folk

This CD is about life, love, lament and mortality. It is my 11th album of original songs and the first time I have covered a song. I wrote these songs for my wife and recorded her favorite song from her teenage years, Donovan's 'Josie'. Eddie Seville produced and collaborated as always. Paul Orofino mastered the CD. My musical partners are Eddie Seville, Karl Allweier, Billy Kotsaftis, Matt Cartsonis, Bob Loveday, Joni Love, Tony Casagrande, Sallylu Sianni, Natalile Modugno, Rose Lion and Emma Casagrande.

1.1 Me + You
1.2 The Voice in the Wilderness
1.3 Coup de Foudre
1.4 If You're Not There
1.5 Only Love Is Real
1.6 Our Bonds of Trust
1.7 Coming to a Narrow Place
1.8 I Know There's a Reason for Everything
1.9 The Years That Fell Behind Me
1.10 Day of Memory
1.11 I'll Never Pass This Way, Again
1.12 The Days They Are Fleeting
1.13 On the Morrow
1.14 Never Mind the Rain
1.15 Prospect Hill
1.16 Josie

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Mednick, Steve: Never Mind the Rain


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