State Radio: Rabbit Inn Rebellion

State Radio: Rabbit Inn Rebellion
Title: Rabbit Inn Rebellion
Artist: State Radio
Label: Ruff Shod
UPC: 067003095426
Genre: Alternative Rock

'Rabbit Inn Rebellion is State Radio's fourth studio album, following 2009's Let It Go. This new album is about people rising up, whether that's having the strength to quit a drug habit in the slums of Baltimore or quit a job that threatens to kill you. It's about encouraging people to take care of each. It's about falling in love on freight trains across the country and then falling out when our government failed to stop the execution of an innocent man, or failed to take care of the shelled veteran or ripped two lovers away from each other because the state did not sanctify their union.

1.1 H a C K I N (Yeah Man)
1.2 Freckled Mary
1.3 Roadway Broken
1.4 Big Man
1.5 Take Cover
1.6 Adelaide
1.7 Desert Queen
1.8 Sugarbeet Wine
1.9 The Bridge Is Burning
1.10 State of Georgia
1.11 Black Welsh Mountain

State Radio: Rabbit Inn Rebellion


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