Source of Rage: Witness the Mess

Source of Rage: Witness the Mess
Title: Witness the Mess
Artist: Source of Rage
Label: Metalville
UPC: 4250444191277
Genre: Heavy Metal, Heavy Metal

The band from Hildesheim (near Hannover) stands for melodic groove metal. For danceable neckbreak together with the necessary technical finesse and catchy melodies. Just what makes the party mood and emotions spill over with a cold drink.Oliver Roffmann and the three brothers Marko, Thilo and Riko Krause complement each other perfectly, which led to them winning the German final of the Wacken Open Air Metal Battles in 2019.The tracks on the new album are intended to further establish the band's own sub-genre and to create a unique selling point with their own sound as well as the content-related themes of the songs, which allows them to stand out from the large mass of good modern metal bands.

1.1 Witness the Mess
1.2 The Eyes of the Restless
1.3 Purify Me
1.4 My Silent Hollow Self
1.5 Construe the Last Word
1.6 Summer (Original Calvin Harris)
1.7 The Louder, the More Right
1.8 Path Ways
1.9 Aware
1.10 Solitude:Fortitude
1.11 Dark Project

Source of Rage: Witness the Mess


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