Solace: Brink

Solace: Brink
Title: Brink
Artist: Solace
Label: Blues Funeral Record
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 760137306511
Genre: Heavy Metal, Heavy Metal

Evolving from Headbanger's Ball alum Godspeed, South Jersey's Solace helped found the first wave of US stoner metal with their timeless debut "Further," dropping 50-ton slabs of next-level riffage every few years up to their acclaimed "A.D" album in 2010. An epic return, "The Brink" is a glorious double-album of NWOBHM dual-guitar attack, weighty doom power and riff-drunk sea shanties. Legends!

1.1 Breaker of the Way
1.2 Desert Coffin
1.3 Dead Sailor's Dream
1.4 Waste People
1.5 The Light Is a Lie
1.6 Crushing Black
1.7 Bird of Ill Omen
1.8 Shallows Fade
1.9 The Brink
1.10 Until the Last Dog Is Hung
1.11 Dead Sailor's Reprise

Solace: Brink

Product-type:VINYL LP

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