Skylit Drive: Rise

Skylit Drive: Rise
Title: Rise
Artist: Skylit Drive
Label: Tragic Hero Records
UPC: 857333003310
Genre: Rock

2013 release from the Post-Hardcore band. Great vision - that's what it takes to refuse to rest on previous success and instead focus on what you need to become in the future, which is exactly what Lodi, California's a Skylit Drive continues to achieve with every album. A Skylit Drive officially exploded onto the scene in 2007 with their EP She Watched the Sky. They followed that release up with three full-length albums titled Wires and the Concept of Breathing, Adelphia and Identity on Fire, which all charted on the on the Billboard Top 200.

1.1 Save Me Tragedy
1.2 Unbreakable
1.3 Crash Down
1.4 Rise
1.5 Crazy
1.6 Said ; Done
1.7 Just Stay
1.8 Pendulum
1.9 I, Enemy
1.10 Wide Awake
1.11 Shadows
1.12 Dreaming in Blue

Skylit Drive: Rise


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