Skinny Goodman: Where You Belong

Skinny Goodman: Where You Belong
Title: Where You Belong
Artist: Skinny Goodman
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 884501333542
Genre: Rock

An intoxicated blend of lush guitars, scattered electronics and soft vocals spread over throbbing basslines and a steady pulse of drumbeats. Conceived in the midst of upheaval, it's bittersweet honesty explodes for brief moments then settles back down like a passing blizzard. Square on Three Sides, the album's first single, opens like a honey bee making it's daily rounds then turns right back around and stings you with a burst of buzzing guitars. As the pain wears off, second track Why Were You oozes it's way in with morphing bass and effects, like taking a shot of Absinthe and stepping out onto the dancefloor. The album progresses through a range of moods - from the loving warmth of Thrown Stones, the dark mysterious calm of It's All Over, to the playful innocence of One Life - before resolving itself in the cathartic climax of the title track. This isn't a Chardonnay, it's a Merlot. Rich, velvety, and deep enough to drown in while you sink back into your couch with your loved one.

1.1 Square on Three Sides
1.2 Why Were You
1.3 Thrown Stones
1.4 A Flood of Your Own
1.5 Remain the Same
1.6 It's All Over
1.7 Through the Night
1.8 One Life
1.9 Traceless
1.10 Where You Belong

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Skinny Goodman: Where You Belong


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