Silverstein: When Broken Is Easily Fixed

Silverstein: When Broken Is Easily Fixed
Title: When Broken Is Easily Fixed
Artist: Silverstein
Label: Victory Records
UPC: 746105023727
Genre: Punk

Acquiring their name from the famous children's author, Silverstein formed in early 2000 in an attempt to tear down the boundaries among Hardcore, Emo and Punk. With a multitude of influences ranging from the Get Up Kids to Grade Mineral to Cave in and Pedro the Lion to Slayer, Silverstein are a true mix of multiple musical styles. Unlike much of the stagnant post-hardcore scene today, Silverstein find a way to keep their music unique and interesting but always catchy and memorable. Incorporating violins and coupling 6/8 meter rhythms with melodic choruses and screamo breakdowns, Silverstein instantly mesmerize the listener with their harmonic intensity.

1.1 Smashed to Pieces
1.2 Red Light Pledge
1.3 Giving Up
1.4 November
1.5 Last Days of Summer
1.6 Bleeds No More
1.7 Hear Me Out
1.8 Weak and the Wounded
1.9 Wish I Could Forget You
1.10 When Broken Is Easily Fixed
1.11 Friends in Fall River
1.12 Forever and a Day

Silverstein: When Broken Is Easily Fixed


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