Shakatak: The Collection

Shakatak: The Collection
Title: The Collection
Label: Secret Records

This 2CD collection features some of Shakatak's best known work, including a number of remixes from 1991's Remix Best Album. Shakatak provided the bridge between high-quality jazz and dance music in the early '80s and continue to this day producing sophisticated and well received work.

1.1 Down on the Street
1.2 Day By Day Featuring Al Jarreau
1.3 Invitations
1.4 Dark Is the Night
1.5 Fascination
1.6 Don't Blame It on Love
1.7 Lady (To Billie Holiday)
1.8 Holding on
1.9 Streetwalkin'
1.10 Night Birds
1.11 Easier Said Than Done
1.12 Out of This World
1.13 DRDR
1.14 Bitter Sweet
1.15 Something Special
1.16 Light on My Life
1.17 Turn the Music Up
1.18 Mrmanic and Sister Cool
2.1 Brazilian Dawn
2.2 Feels Like the Right Time
2.3 If You Could See Me Now
2.4 Living in the UK
2.5 Rio Nights
2.6 Stranger
2.7 Walk the Walk (Hip Mix)
2.8 Lose Myself
2.9 Lonely Afternoon
2.10 Don't Say That Again
2.11 Easier Said Than Done (Remixed By Nigel Wright)
2.12 Night Birds (Remixed By Nigel Wright)
2.13 Invitations (Remixed By Nigel Wright)
2.14 Out of This World (Remixed By Steve Mac)
2.15 Dark Is the Night (Remixed By Steve Mac)
2.16 Down on the Street (Original Club Edit)

Shakatak: The Collection

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