Robbins, Rose: Close Your Eyes

Rose Robbins: Close Your Eyes
Title: Close Your Eyes
Label: CD Baby

Singer/songwriter Rose Robbins brings a new sound to the world of music; a stunning mix of elegant piano playing, soulful, smoky vocals, and a tender, evocative songwriting style. Best known for her emotional first single, 'Luminous', released in 2003 and winner of 'Best Song of 2004' at the International Online Music Awards, Rose released her first full-length CD, 'Close Your Eyes' in the fall of 2006. In the fall of 2003, Rose released her first single, 'Luminous', which was played on Internet radio stations all over the US and in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands as well. 'Luminous' went on to win 'Best Song of 2004' at the International Online Music Awards, and Rose was nominated for 'Best Female Vocalist' at the IOMAs as well. In late 2004, Rose released her second single, 'Whisper', while working on recording her full-length debut CD, 'Close Your Eyes'. 'Whisper' then caught the attention of 20Max Films, an independent film company in Venice Beach, California, and was chosen for use in the movie 'Monkey Love'. 'Monkey Love' is a quirky romantic comedy featuring Amy Stewart, Jeremy Renner, and Seamus Dever, and 'Whisper' creates a gentle, misty atmosphere at a sweet moment in the film. This movie is now out on video - check the video store near you! Rose has joined forces with producer David Tucker and has begun work on her new CD, 'RAIN'. Mr. Tucker has put together a dream team of musicians, hand-picked to fit Rose's passionate, elegant musical style, and they were in the studio during the winter of '05/'06. The title track 'RAIN' was released as a single in November of 2007. Stay tuned! Rose's Biography.... Raised on a farm in the Pacific Northwest, Rose spent her childhood immersed in the classical composers, listening for hours to Mozart, Mendelssohn and Brahms. Her favorite album was 'Julian Bream Plays Bach', and she learned bits and pieces of Bach Preludes by ear on her classical guitar. When she was eleven, her family bought a piano, and soon after that, Rose bought her first record of piano music, a second-hand copy of Mozart's C Major Piano Concerto. She learned the whole slow movement by memory, from listening to the record over and over. Her compositions, during these years, were strictly classical, string quartets and sonatas that were scribbled in pencil over any available piece of paper. In her teens, Rose began to compose songs with words. Her own deep, smoky voice sounded 'wrong' to her - she'd heard that girls are supposed to sing high - so she contented herself with writing songs for other girls to sing. It wasn't till the age of twenty-three, with close to fifty songs already written, that Rose performed a song she'd written in public. The sound of her voice over a microphone stunned her, and her audience's immediate response was her confirmation - she was a singer after all! Currently, Rose lives in Idaho with her family, and has been composing and performing music throughout the Northwest.

1.1 Stained Glass Window
1.2 Close Your Eyes
1.3 Let Me Go!
1.4 Call Me Softly
1.5 Falling Down
1.6 Luminous
1.7 Blue Sky
1.8 Whisper
1.9 Just Shoot Me
1.10 Pale Yellow Rose
1.11 131

Robbins, Rose: Close Your Eyes

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