D Henderson, Renee: Reflections: A Life on Piano

Renee D. Henderson: Reflections: A Life on Piano
Title: Reflections: A Life on Piano
Label: CD Baby

Have you ever wanted to just ESCAPE for a while? Escape your job? Your school? Your kids? That annoying dog across the street? DO IT NOW. Picture yourself standing in a field of tall grasses, on a plateau overlooking the ocean. Below you can hear the waves crashing, the steady ebb and flow. Just then a slight breeze moves through the long grass stems and a nature symphony begins. The wind builds, but stays warm and sweet as it plays with the field around you. The waves below become the musical base line to a glorious melody of wind, trees and grass. Did it work? Did you escape for just a moment through the words? Maybe so, but maybe not. But now try that same imagery and click to listen to 'Highland Breeze.' Let my music escort your senses until your troubled world fades around you.

1.1 Musician's Prayer
1.2 Music Box Lullabies
1.3 Highland Breeze
1.4 Father's Gift
1.5 Reverie
1.6 Kaleidoscope Rain
1.7 Key of E
1.8 Eagle Soar
1.9 Grandpa Song
1.10 Winter
1.11 Agape
1.12 Stars of Heaven
1.13 Sweet Beast
1.14 Mystic Minor
1.15 Waves of Faith
1.16 Toddler's Jubilee

D Henderson, Renee: Reflections: A Life on Piano

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