Red Simpson: Hello, I'm Red Simpson

Red Simpson: Hello, I&
Title: Hello, I'm Red Simpson
Label: Bear Family

EU five CD box set from the cult Country great with 108 page hardcover book, the very best recordings from a giant of the Bakersfield scene... a scene that gave US Merle Haggard and Buck Owens, and inspired Dwight Yoakam and many others. Bob Dylan called Red Simpson 'the forgotten man of Bakersfield.' Merle and Buck recorded over 40 of Red Simpson's songs! The set includes 26 previously unissued songs. Nearly all of the other recordings are previously unissued on CD! Most have been unavailable since the '70s and '80s! Red Simpson made a name for himself in country music with a string of blacktop anthems like 'Roll Truck Roll', 'The Highway Patrol', 'Diesel Smoke', 'Dangerous Curves', 'Country Western Truck Drivin' Singer', 'Awful Lot to Learn About Truck Drivin', and 'Truck Driver's Heaven'. He popularized the romanticized image of the trucker as a modern-day cowboy of the open road. But there was much more to Red Simpson... Bear Family.

1.1 Sweet Love
1.2 Dolly Blues
1.3 Big Bank Robbery
1.4 Big Bank Robbery, Part 2
1.5 One Day with My Baby
1.6 Dippy Daddle Love
1.7 Jeanniewith the Light Brown Cadillac
1.8 George for a Day
1.9 I've Just Lost You
1.10 Ukulele Bailey
1.11 Truck Drivin' Man
1.12 Truck Driver's Blues
1.13 Six Days on the Road
1.14 Give Me Forty Acres
1.15 Nitro Express
1.16 My Baby's Waitin'
1.17 Motivatin' Man
1.18 Highway Man
1.19 Big Mack
1.20 Happy Go Lucky Truck Driver
1.21 Runaway Truck
1.22 Roll Truck Roll
1.23 The Highway Patrol
1.24 The City Police
1.25 Sidewalk Patrol
1.26 Rules of the Road
1.27 Dreams Are Made for Fools
1.28 I Fell in Love with You
1.29 I'm Gonna Write Momma for Money
1.30 I'm Actin' Like My Old Self Again
1.31 I Just Cry a Little
1.32 It's My Last Night in Town
1.33 There Ain't Nothin' Happenin' to Me
1.34 The Big Bank Robbery
2.1 You're Under Arrest
2.2 County Sheriff
2.3 Workin' for the Highway Patrol
2.4 Johnny Law
2.5 Sheriff Sam
2.6 Bad Man Highway Patrol
2.7 I'm Turnin' in My Star
2.8 25 Years on Patrol
2.9 Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves
2.10 Black Smoke A-Blowin' Over 18 Wheels (That's Home Sweet Home)
2.11 Truck Daddy
2.12 I'll Be Goin' Home to Momma
2.13 A Tombstone Every Mile
2.14 Piggyback Blues
2.15 Take Me Home
2.16 Born to Be a Trucker
2.17 Jacknife
2.18 Truck Drivin' Fool
2.19 Sleeper, Five-By-Two
2.20 Old Sam
2.21 He Reminds Me a Whole Lot of Me
2.22 Party Girl
2.23 Mini-Skirt Minnie
2.24 Honky Tonk Women
2.25 The Lonely Old House
2.26 Happy Travelin' Man
2.27 I'm a Truck
2.28 Where Love Used to Be
2.29 Knights of the Road
2.30 Drugstore Truck Driver
2.31 Road Rhythm
2.32 Motel Joe
3.1 Good Old Truckin' Girl
3.2 Truckin' Man
3.3 Just Kept on Truckin'
3.4 Gas, Food and Lodging
3.5 Lady of the Road
3.6 Country Western Truck Drivin' Singer
3.7 You're the First
3.8 Truckin' on Down the Road
3.9 Ole Ben
3.10 Hold on Ma'm (You Got Yourself a Honker)
3.11 Fur Coats and Fancy Clothes
3.12 Certainly
3.13 The Ballad of Billy Jones
3.14 Those Forgotten Trains
3.15 You're All Over My Mind
3.16 Jericho Jones
3.17 Milesaver Man
3.18 Awful Lot to Learn About Truck Drivin'
3.19 You Still Got a Hold on Me
3.20 Gas, Food and Lodging
3.21 Feelin' Like Tarzan
3.22 Truckin' Trees for Christmas
3.23 Blue Blue Christmas (For This Truck Drivin' Man)
3.24 Christmas Wheels
3.25 The Old Christmas Truck
3.26 Toys for Tots
3.27 Santa's Comin' in a Big Ol' Truck
3.28 Dad Will Be Home for Christmas
3.29 Little Toy Trucks
3.30 Gone Home for Christmas
3.31 Out on the Road for Christmas
4.1 Bill Woods from Bakersfield
4.2 Bull-Shippers
4.3 I'm a Pretty Good Man
4.4 Blackboard of My Heart
4.5 Honky Tonk Ladies Loverman
4.6 Squirmin'
4.7 Yip Yip
4.8 If the World Ran Out of Diesel
4.9 Gordon's Grocery Store
4.10 Truck Drivin' Man and Wife
4.11 Your Truck Drivin' Man's Comin' Home
4.12 Streakin' the Opryland Park
4.13 Love Has Never Done a Lot for Me
4.14 Bull-Shippers
4.15 Message from Home
4.16 Inflation
4.17 It Ain't Even Halloween
4.18 Truck Driver's Heaven
4.19 The Flying Saucer Man and the Truck Driver
4.20 I Miss You a Little
4.21 Longest Run
4.22 Benny and Me
4.23 Sam's Place
4.24 Take Me Into Your World
4.25 The World Keeps Turning Around
4.26 We're Back to Strangers Again
4.27 Gonna Have Love
4.28 Ain't It Something
4.29 Close All the Honky Tonks
4.30 We Split the Blanket
4.31 I Had a Girl Like Her One Time
4.32 Kansas City Romeo
5.1 Just Call Me Texas
5.2 Trophies
5.3 Buffalo Beauty
5.4 Don't Touch My Hat
5.5 Lady Lookin' for Love
5.6 Me and Ole CB
5.7 Looking at the World Through a Windshield
5.8 I'll Have Another Cup of Coffee (Then I'll Go)
5.9 Movin' on
5.10 18 Wheels Hummin' Home Sweet Home
5.11 Truck Drivin' Son of a Gun
5.12 Drivin' My Life Away
5.13 Dear Mr. President
5.14 Ronnie, Baby
5.15 Lucky Ole Colorado
5.16 Time Changes Everything
5.17 The Flying Saucer Man and the Truck Driver
5.18 Lady of the Road
5.19 A Little Bit of Her
5.20 You Put My World Back Together
5.21 Living for You
5.22 World Full of Love
5.23 You're a Better Man Than Me
5.24 Poco
5.25 The Lonely G.I
5.26 Ship of Love
5.27 I Ain't Found Me One
5.28 Play the Guitar Softly
5.29 Honky Tonks and Heartaches
5.30 Walkin' Out Backwards
5.31 If I Have to Live Without You
5.32 I'm Gettin' Over a Heartache
5.33 Here Again, Gone Again
5.34 I Don't Think I Will
5.35 Here Today Gone Tomorrow Daddy
5.36 She Belongs to You

Red Simpson: Hello, I'm Red Simpson

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