Random: Mega Ran 9

Random: Mega Ran 9
Title: Mega Ran 9
Artist: Random
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 845029050793
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop

Fresh off an incredible 2008 year that saw him qualify for the Scribble Jam Championships, open for Common, receive print press coverage in Blender Magazine, and place as a finalist in the Online Hip-Hop Awards, indie MC/teacher Random (aka Mega Ran) has released his 2nd video-game concept album called 'Mega Ran 9.' The album, Mega Ran 9, samples sounds from the soundtrack of the newly released game and transforms them into all new Hip-Hop, rock and dance tunes. It is a surprising followup to Ran's 2007 album 'Mega Ran.' 'I wasn't planning on reviving the Mega Ran character and series... but the fans asked for it,' Random says. 'I get a few emails every day asking me about a sequel. So this is a sequel of sorts.' So for those dedicated fans, Random and Capcom-Unity present Mega Ran 9. Capcom released Mega Man 9 in September 2008 to a hungry videogame audience, and has registered over 400,000 digital downloads on Xbox Live, Playstation Network and WiiWare. The game has been praised for it's impressive level design and return to it's 8-bit roots. 'I love the (Mega Man 9) game...It's so challenging! Deep down in my heart I try to convince myself that I'm part of the reason for the game's release,' Random jokes. 'I can only hope to see Mega Ran as a playable character in the next sequel.' Random's original Mega Ran title racked up some impressive accolades, earning recognition and an official license from Capcom USA, in addition to press coverage on G4 TV, IGN, and in print magazines such as Blender, Wired and more. Random continues to perform at anime and gaming conventions all over the country.

1.1 The Opening
1.2 Eight Is Enough
1.3 Splash Woman
1.4 You Know the Name (Feat. Storyville)
1.5 My Love (Go Shop) (Feat. Rufus Pipes)
1.6 The Bailout (Feat. Storyville)
1.7 Megalude 9 (Feat. Vince the Rocket Scientist)
1.8 Boss Battle: Jewel Man
1.9 Run N Gun (Feat. Ciphurphace ; Pugz Atomz)
1.10 Endless (Feat. Storyville)
1.11 Get Equipped (Feat. Side Effect)
1.12 Outro
1.13 Splash Woman Acoustic Remix *Bonus Track*

Random: Mega Ran 9


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