D'Etre, Raison: Tales from the Tall Side

Raison D&
Title: Tales from the Tall Side
Artist: D'Etre, Raison
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 659696193628
Genre: Country

Raison d'Etre is happy to announce the release of their seventh recording project on Detremental Records. The trio, sisters Violet Rae Downey and Roberta Schultz plus lifelong friend, Vickie Ellis, offers eight new original songs on this collection of twelve that also includes a satirical look back at the 1940s, a nod to the beginnings of bluegrass and a rollicking version of the cowboy song, 'Buffalo Gals.' The closing track, 'Brown River,' by Northern Kentucky bassist and song writer, Daniel Wilson, whispers a love note to the Northern Kentucky area. 'Tales from the Tall Side' has it's roots in an Artist Enrichment Grant that Roberta received from The Kentucky Foundation for Women. As Roberta set out to write and edit songs about the way women and girls face aging in our society, Violet and Vickie began writing some powerful songs about issues facing many women on the 'tall side' of life. Lest anyone should think it's gloomy on the tall side, Violet Rae's song, 'Legacy,' extols the virtues of 'googling,' and Roberta assures you that bad days are controlled by the planets in 'Mercury is Retrograde Again.' There's even a little social commentary in 'Alien' and 'The Hard Truth.' With their women ancestors prominently displayed on the outside cover, the inside panel, and the CD itself, Raison d'Etre lovingly acknowledges the shoulders upon which they stand tall. All instruments on this recording are played by Roberta, Violet Rae and Vickie. The only 'side men' in the studio this time are members of Violet and Roberta's family who came in to do the sing along on 'You are My Sunshine,' making 'Tales from the Tall Side' truly a handcrafted family affair.

1.1 Braver Self
1.2 Don't Worry About Me
1.3 Rum and Coca Cola
1.4 Alien
1.5 Another Train
1.6 Hard Truth
1.7 Legacy
1.8 This Kind of Rain
1.9 Buffalo Gals
1.10 Mercury Is Retrograde Again
1.11 You Are My Sunshine
1.12 Brown River

D'Etre, Raison: Tales from the Tall Side


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