Botofasina, Radha: Mantram

Radha Botofasina: Mantram
Title: Mantram
Artist: Botofasina, Radha
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 687197000015
Genre: International

Radha Botofasina has two musical loves: harp and voice. Inspired by the many musical colors and textures during her childhood in metropolitan New York, Botofasina came to appreciate all forms of sound, especially avant-garde, sacred and Latin music. She began her formal training at the age of 5 but interrupted her training to study modern dance and art. Yet, her most potent form of expression seem to be her voice. So, at the age of 20 Radha embarked upon a seven-year study of the human voice. An accomplished musician of equal virtue, she also played piano, organ, synthesizer and harp. Simultaneously, while studying voice Radha lead her own jazz group. The group, named after the famed Spirits of Rhythm, included such notables as Cecil McBee Jr., Charles Neville, Roy Campbell Jr., Bobby Watson, Omar Hakim, J.T. Lewis, Kenny Washington, Rodney Jones, Doug Harris, Ricardo Strobert, and Zane Massey. The group performed at New York University, Columbia University, the famed Apollo Theatre, Billy Holiday Theatre and other venues throughout the New York area. Radha began her interest in world music during a visit to London, England, where she found great encouragement to sing from the West African band Osibisa and Peter Green (formerly of Fleetwood Mac). Over the years her interest and respect for world music, has grown through her many journeys to Eastern Europe, India, Spain, North Africa, the Philippines, Cuba and the Caribbean. Wherever there is indigenous music she finds what resonates with her soul and tries to capture it in song. Coupled with this interest, is a genuine devotion for God. Radha sings about God in Sanskrit, English, and more recently, Spanish. The music created by Radha Botofasina today is the result of her spiritual alliance with A.C. Turiyasangitananda, her spiritual and musical guru. Radha seeks to share her personal commitment to the upliftment of humanity through well-crafted joyful music. RADHA BOTOFASINA (Mantram)'Mantra in it's etymological description is 'man': mind, 'tra': think. Recitation of mantra affords one the great opportunity to edify and expand ones mental and spiritual awareness and potentiality. The repetition of the mantras make an indelible impression upon the brain, and they can create an aura of divine protection around one'*. Mantram is a sacred sound vibration for God-Realization. Radha is a Lover of God. For years Radha Botofasina has been singing mantras in the form of traditional bhajans/spiritual songs. The Mantram album presents her new approach, where ancient original sanskrit mantras blend with the modern world of sounds and rhythms. Her exalted vocals are accompanied by Sai Ram Iyer of Mumbai, India and a chorus of vocalists from many spiritual paths and countries. *Swami Turiyasangitananda on mantra.

1.1 Rasa Vilola
1.2 O, Bhagavan
1.3 Yamuna Tira Vihari
1.4 Chandra Shekaram
1.5 Sri Ganesha
1.6 Jaya Rdaha Madava
1.7 Mahamantra
1.8 Ganesha Mantra
1.9 Gayatri Mantra

Botofasina, Radha: Mantram


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