Qwas: Oneiric

Qwas: Oneiric
Title: Oneiric
Artist: Qwas
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 783707983929
Genre: Rock

Both The Hartford Courant and The Hartford Advocate call 'The Oneiric' one of 2004's best releases in CT. A highly praised concept album, 'The Oneiric' is an ecclectic collection of electronic, ambient, and rock music. Largely based in what Qwas defines as 'surrealist moods, 'The Oneiric' explores 12 different 'dreams' through each of it's ecclectic 12 tracks. Masterfully crafted and produced, the album was conceived as a complete song cycle/concept album and should be listened to as such. Check out some of the more radio-friendly tracks such as 'What's That?,' 'Caught Yourself,' 'Subconscious,' and 'Shadow.' Be sure to check out their website where extended clips of each track as well as a full mp3 version of the song, 'What's That?' can be found for free! Qwas is based in Hartford, CT (USA) and just released their follow up album, 'The Story of the Morning.' 'Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.' - Carl Gustav Jung.

1.1 Undertow
1.2 Caught Yourself
1.3 Transition I (Nightmare)
1.4 Subconscious
1.5 Shadow
1.6 Anxietical
1.7 Personal Space
1.8 Meet Id
1.9 Transition II
1.10 Sweet
1.11 What's That?
1.12 Last Moment

Qwas: Oneiric


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