Queen: Queen

Queen: Queen
Title: Queen
Label: Island UK

Deluxe two CD edition includes bonus CD containing six additional tracks. Digitally remastered edition of the British Pomp Rock band's 1973 debut album. Recently named by Dave Grohl as his favorite album of all time, Queen was recorded in the same studio that David Bowie was recording Ziggy Stardust. Because they didn't have any money, the album was recorded on Bowies downtime, so Queen were literally recording at 3am after Bowie had gone to bed. Queen is their heaviest album, influenced by the Who, Hendrix and Led Zep and contains some of their hardest rocking songs, and also some of their most imaginative. Like all subsequent Queen albums, no two songs sound the same and there are mixtures of light and shade, the band teasing one minute with a lullaby, then blowing your head off. Island.

1.1 Keep Yourself Alive
1.2 Doing Alright
1.3 Great King Rat
1.4 My Fairy King
1.5 Liar
1.6 The Night Comes Down
1.7 Modern Times Rock'n'roll
1.8 Son and Daughter
1.9 Jesus
1.10 Seven Seas of Rhye
2.1 Keep Yourself Alive - de Lane Lea Demo, December 1971
2.2 The Night Comes Down - de Lane Lea Demo, December 1971
2.3 Great King Rat - de Lane Lea Demo, December 1971
2.4 Jesus - de Lane Lea Demo, December 1971
2.5 Liar - de Lane Lea Demo, December 1971
2.6 Mad the Swine - June 1972

Queen: Queen

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