Q-Tip: Kamaal the Abstract

Q-Tip: Kamaal the Abstract
Title: Kamaal the Abstract
Label: Battery Records

In these hard times, we can all stand a ray of hope. Hope in hip-hop now comes from the legendary Q-Tip, of a Tribe Called Quest fame. His long-delayed album KAMAAL THE ABSTRACT, slated originally for release in 2001, is finally dropping now! a music hybrid, KAMAAL was commendably avant-garde at the time of it's creation. Amazingly, it's even more apropos in 2009; given the death of musical merit and capable MCs in today's hip-hop, the time is ever-so-right for Tip.

1.1 Feelin'
1.2 Do You Dig U?
1.3 A Million Times
1.4 Blue Girl
1.5 Barely in Love
1.6 Heels
1.7 Abstractionisms
1.8 Caring
1.9 Even If It Is So
1.10 Make It Work

Q-Tip: Kamaal the Abstract

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