Puffinboy: Legend of Puffinboy

Puffinboy: Legend of Puffinboy
Title: Legend of Puffinboy
Artist: Puffinboy
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 634479464775
Genre: Rock

Puffinboy! Well what can I say! The Greatest, new and unique band since the last one. If I was to tell you that they write brilliant songs, look great, play acoustic guitars,and have quite possibly the best female singer since Karen Carpenter in the band, would you believe me? Would it matter? Take a chance on this exciting new band. Buy their fantastic debut album!

1.1 Staring at the Sky
1.2 All These Years
1.3 Without Love
1.4 Professional Man
1.5 Giant
1.6 Battlesong
1.7 Cuckoo
1.8 When We're Rising
1.9 In a Song
1.10 Looking for An Answer
1.11 Abercrombie 32

Puffinboy: Legend of Puffinboy


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