Prophetic: Legacy of the Fallen

Prophetic: Legacy of the Fallen
Title: Legacy of the Fallen
Artist: Prophetic
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 7090014240236
Genre: Heavy Metal

From the cold wastelands of western Norway five seemingly normal guys, varying in age and experience came together. Bound by their love for music in the form of bludgeoning riffs and angry growls this motley crew of metallers soon formed the band whose bio you are now reading. It all seemed so easy in the beginning... Never before has the term "blood, sweat and tears" been more fitting to describe the hardships that they all would have to encounter on their mission to create great music. There were plenty of bumps in the road up ahead, but none as big as the loss of their friend and vocalist Thomas Olsen. However, distraught and shattered, their bonds grew stronger through this tragedy and after a couple of months of chasing voices, a close friend of both the band and the late vocalist was invited to join the party. Prophetic now lives on in memory of their loss, and the riffs keeps on coming - growing stronger and more intense as we speak.

1.1 This Is My Church, Please Play with Matches
1.2 Breaking the Chains
1.3 Bow
1.4 Legacy
1.5 Primetime Execution

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Prophetic: Legacy of the Fallen


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