Pop Archeology Transmission: It Is What It Is

Pop Archeology Transmission: It Is What It Is
Title: It Is What It Is
Artist: Pop Archeology Transmission
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 619981262729
Genre: Rock

Pop Archeology Transmission is the work of two old friends who wanted to re-explore the \'pop music as art\' aesthetic they both grew up with. Paul Ellis and Kevin Bowen come from radically different musical places. Paul has released 13 albums of European Electronic Music and is a noted synthesist in this style. Kevin has played in bands ranging from Jazz Ensembles to Ska to Johnny Thrash; a thrash punk Cash tribute. They both draw on their love of 60\'s and 70\'s songwriting styles, combining that with more impressionistic production techniques. Some reviews: Paul Ellis and Kevin Bowen are friends from Portland Oregon who claim to feel an affinity with local musicians Elliott Smith and The Shins - and what do you know the music they make is just as rewarding as that combination sounds. This kind of literate, intelligent but heartfelt pop doesn\'t come down the pike very often but when it does it resonates forever after. The common thread throughout is that you still can\'t predict how the songs are going to unfold. It\'s a big old 20-track album too. These normally induce a coma by track 13 - but I can\'t get enough of this stuff. Masterful. Marco Rossi -Shindig Magazine \'Get the Pop Archeology Transmission album \'It Is What It Is\'. What it is...is great! Fine songwriting, singing and production throughout, and quite original in it\'s approach. Paul Ellis and Kevin Bowen have slightly different styles of songwriting but the album works as a whole. I hear an early 70\'s hit radio influence in some of Bowen\'s material, while some of Ellis\'s tracks have an air of sophistication in the Andy Partridge/XTC mold. Very enjoyable listen from beginning to end!\' -Rick Gallego - Cloud Eleven \'The Red Button Loves Pop Archeology Transmission! Great Stuff! This is an extraordinarily good album. It has a lot of 10CC influence on it, which I love. If this album came out in the 70\'s it would have been one of those that I would have bought immediately and would have played on FM radio (When FM radio really meant something.) The singing and playing are top notch. I\'m going through the songs slowly enjoying many on first listen. \'She Blew It Like A Kiss\' is very sophisticated and beautiful in it's unexpected changes, very strong writing. This is one terrifically impressive record. People need to hear it!\' -Seth Swirsky - The Red Button \'This is a unique, pure and perfect, Brit-inspired, \'Sunday Afternoon Pop\'! The breezy, lush, hypnotic-at-times arrangements are all positively wonderful, the hushed vocals reach heavenly heights, and even the purest pop fanatics won\'t mind the influx of some (very tasty) synth injections! \'So Much\' is as a sugar-sweet pop gem if ever there was one. Simply wonderful, wondeful, wonderful!\' - Max Humphries Pop Is Good For You!

1.1 She Blew It Like a Kiss
1.2 Paper Castles
1.3 Emperor Reversed
1.4 Everyone Lies
1.5 Follow Me Home
1.6 Getting It Together Knowing It Would Come Undone
1.7 Got This Far
1.8 Beautiful Mistake
1.9 Break the Spell
1.10 My Recurring Dream
1.11 Midnight Epiphany
1.12 So Much
1.13 Forklift Ballet
1.14 Night Is Falling
1.15 Holes in My Voice
1.16 Love 4 Security
1.17 Wondering Allowed
1.18 Two Portlands
1.19 Four Walls
1.20 Who Wants to Be Human

Pop Archeology Transmission: It Is What It Is


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