Pony Express: Odd Balls

Pony Express: Odd Balls
Title: Odd Balls
Artist: Pony Express
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 634479254987
Genre: Rock

' How could a band made up of Jeff Cloud and Jason Martin of Starflyer 59, Richard Swift, Frank Lenz, and Josh Dooley of Map be anything other than brilliant ? ' - Hypervice Odd Balls is a collection of 18 songs taken from out of print, previously vinyl only, and rare releases. A collection of odd balls.

1.1 East of Phoenix
1.2 The Regrets That Hold Us Together
1.3 Pure at Night
1.4 Bass X
1.5 D. B. Cooper
1.6 The Come Down
1.7 Before You Were Everyones
1.8 Pockets of Pearls
1.9 All the Headaches That Asprins Couldn't Cure
1.10 Monkey Hearts
1.11 In Cold Blood
1.12 Monkey Hearts (Doc Mix)
1.13 She Thinks I'm Nothing
1.14 Transparent with Blue Eyes
1.15 You're My Girl
1.16 D. B. Cooper (Demo)
1.17 Living on Dimes
1.18 Half Hearted (Liars Mix)

Pony Express: Odd Balls


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