Physcokrew: Mental Health Issues

Physcokrew: Mental Health Issues
Title: Mental Health Issues
Artist: Physcokrew
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 634479342783
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop

I am only lowering this price for the month of april mr death philkill and gutairist johnny waste from urban waste back in the day .:'We started this rap music when we was like 8 yrs old and we were so fucking whack .We now is phat from our listeners and lots of study in music .We dislike rap the way it is now adays so we are trying hard to improve it icp is the only real rappers out there I mrdeath have been down wit tha clown for almost well since I first heard ringmaster now I got all the material from icp albums We made this LP album underground We are mentally ill so we talk about that stuff and if you don't like it see you in shangrila peace 32 years old This first track is the PHYCWARD cause that was inspiration for us peace juggalos and etts.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Tha Phycward
1.3 Stick a Knife in Ya Head
1.4 Stuck in This 4 Roomed Cell
1.5 Insane Popularity
1.6 Physcokrews Dreams
1.7 Tha Bottle
1.8 Silly Crisis
1.9 Physcokrew Statistics
1.10 End of the World
1.11 Physcokrew Statistics 2
1.12 Outro

Physcokrew: Mental Health Issues


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