Coley, Phil: Sports Songs & Beyond

Phil Coley: Sports Songs & Beyond
Title: Sports Songs & Beyond
Artist: Coley, Phil
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 837101056717
Genre: Rock

'Baseball Songs Sports Heroes was the single best collection of original baseball songs in our library. Great lyrics, great music, and a great collection. Joe & Phil might have hit the ball even further with this set of songs.' - Baseball Almanac The National Baseball Hall of Fame has just added the CD Sports Songs and Beyond to it's sound collection!! It is the second CD album of the team of Joe Pickering Jr. Songwriter and Phil Coley music arranger, producer, musician and singer. The first was the CD Baseball Songs Sports Heroes. Songs from this album played in an HBO Movie, the Fox Network and many other TV and radio shows. This CD was also included in the National Baseball Hall of Fame Sound Library. It has found a special place in Americana. Sport Songs and Beyond promises to be no less successful. Phil Coley ranges far and wide with his magical music and velvet voice. The lyric writing of Joe Pickering Jr. touches the heart with every one of the songs. Joe writes or co-writes all of the songs. With their wonderful songwriting talents,George La Flame, Joe Terry, and Eugene Wellman join Joe in co-writing a total of four of these songs which are listed in the song lyrics below. There is a wide variety of songs on this CD. It is astonishing. Of the twenty-four songs, ten songs areabout baseball teams such as the Chicago White Sox, New York Yankees, and Champion Boston Red Sox (you all remember last year's Pennant and World Series don't you?) as well as baseball figures, heroes and historical events, such as Pete Rose, Shoeless Joe Jackson, George Buck Weaver and one of the greatest female pitchers of all time Jackie Mitchell. The CD includes two football songs one about the World Champion New England Patriots, one song about all the professional sports teams in Philadelphia and even a baseball song about baseball returning to Washington DC. There are also five great rodeo or rodeo related songs. Plus, there are the Bonus songs: three love songs, one song to which every woman in the world can relate, called Every Woman needs a Wife! It is wonderfully sung by Sherri Henley who sings it with an attitude! Plus, three more gifts! There are three great Christmas songs. If Christmas is too early then wait till Christmas before you listen! You won't be disappointed. You might even learn some secret fascinating facts!

1.1 Hell Freezes Over!
1.2 Wait 'Till Next Year!
1.3 Say It Ain't So Baseball!
1.4 Who's the Best Female Pitcher?
1.5 This Is Your Season to Remember
1.6 Let Buck Back in!
1.7 The Curse of the Bambino Is Back!
1.8 They Called Him Charlie Hustle
1.9 The Curse of Billy Penn
1.10 Baseball's Back in D.C
1.11 Our Dynasty of Heart
1.12 The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders
1.13 Tornado Tex
1.14 Rodeo of Love
1.15 Rodeo Clown
1.16 Ben the Bull
1.17 The Cowboy in a Hundred Gallon Hat
1.18 A Home Full of Memories
1.19 Every Woman Needs a Wife!
1.20 Heartache, I'm Breaking Up with You!
1.21 Johnny Silver
1.22 Put Jesus Back in Christmas
1.23 Sam the Sleigh
1.24 Santa You're Just An Old Texas Cowboy

Coley, Phil: Sports Songs & Beyond


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