Zarzyski, Paul: Collisions of Reckless Love

Paul Zarzyski: Collisions of Reckless Love
Title: Collisions of Reckless Love
Artist: Zarzyski, Paul
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 837101269094
Genre: Spoken

Within this keenly arranged and choreographed recording, poetry integrates and interacts with music in fresh and engageing ways, as Paul demenstrates yet again, that all poets, 'Cowboy' or otherwise, are first and foremost, human being poets writing about living and dying on Planet Earth. (And sometimes beyond.)

1.1 Luck of the Draw
1.2 The Hand
1.3 What of the Ugly?
1.4 Smoke
1.5 Snapshot Gravity
1.6 Las Ballenas de Bahia Magdalena
1.7 Blue-Collar Light
1.8 Shoes
1.9 Hard Traveling
1.10 Last Rematch
1.11 Black Upon Tan
1.12 How the Beluga Spoons
1.13 What Stephen Hawking Might Find
1.14 The Day the War Began

Zarzyski, Paul: Collisions of Reckless Love


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