Gayten, Paul: Aint Nothin Happenin

Paul Gayten: Aint Nothin Happenin
Title: Aint Nothin Happenin
Artist: Gayten, Paul
Label: El Toro
UPC: 8437010194320
Genre: Blues

The unsung Crescent City bandleader Paul Gayten made the first New Orleans R&B recordings of the post war era and had the first local hits there in 1947. As a producer, he was responsible for grooming hit singers such as Annie Laurie, Larry Darnell, Chubby Newsome, Bobby Charles and Clarence "Frogman" Henry and became an important individual in the Chess empire before forming his own label in the late 1960s. This thirty-track compilation traces the first half of his high-voltage career in the recording business and proves how necessary he was to the birth and development of New Orleans R&B and rock 'n' roll.

1.1 Your Hands Ain't Clean
1.2 I Still Love You
1.3 For You My Love
1.4 Young Boy
1.5 Annie's Blues
1.6 One Sweet Letter from You
1.7 Gayten's Nightmare
1.8 Creole Gal
1.9 Cuttin' Out
1.10 Hey Little Girl
1.11 Back Trackin' (Aka Doctor Daddy-O)
1.12 My Rough and Ready Man
1.13 I'll Never Be Free
1.14 I Ain't Gonna Let You in
1.15 Yellow Dog
1.16 Yeah Yeah Yeah
1.17 Oooh-La-La
1.18 It Ain't Nothin' Happenin'
1.19 Cow Cow Blues
1.20 Down Boy
1.21 If You Love Me, Tell Me So
1.22 The Sweeper
1.23 Get It
1.24 You Better Believe It
1.25 Drivin' Home, Pt. 2
1.26 The Music Goes Round and Round
1.27 So Glad She's Mine
1.28 Nervous Boogie
1.29 For You My Love
1.30 Tickle Toe

Gayten, Paul: Aint Nothin Happenin


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