Oregon: Our First Record

Oregon: Our First Record
Title: Our First Record
Artist: Oregon
Label: Wounded Bird Records
UPC: 664140943223
Genre: Jazz

Oregon is a jazz group formed in 1971 who performed and made recordings for the next 40 years. The members of Oregon were Ralph Tower (guitar), Paul McCandless (oboe, English horn), Glen Moore (bass) & Collin Walcott (percussion, sitar). They made many, many albums over the years, their early works for the Vanguard label being their most prestigious. Our First Record was originally recorded in 1970 but was not officially issued on vinyl until 1980 on Vanguard Records. Violin was a collaboration with jazz violinist Zbigniew Seifert. It was originally issued in 1978 on Vanguard Records. Friends was originally released in 1977 on Vanguard Records. Guests on this album include David Earl Johnson & Larry Larush. Together was a collaboration with legendary jazz drummer Elvin Jones. It was recorded & released in 1976 on Vanguard Records. In Concert was originally released in 1975 on Vanguard Records. It was recorded live before an invited audience at Vanguard's Studio in New York City on April 8 & 9, 1975.

1.1 Canyon Song
1.2 Full Circle
1.3 Japan/Charles St. Melancholy
1.4 Collin's Delite
1.5 Cry of the Peacock/Coral
1.6 Mary's New Bloom
1.7 Aheer
1.8 Recuerdos
1.9 L'histoire Du Farm Suite
1.10 Jade Vision
1.11 Molecular
1.12 Margueritte
1.13 Entrez Devotee Compagne

Oregon: Our First Record


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