Ophiocordyceps: Delusional Infestation Of Mutated Pathogens

Ophiocordyceps: Delusional Infestation Of Mutated Pathogens
Title: Delusional Infestation Of Mutated Pathogens
Label: Ghastly Records

Delusional Infestation of Mutagen Pathogens is the second album of the brutalslam band from northern Italy, Ophiocordyceps. This album is much more aggressive than it's predecessor, trying to add a vein even more "organic" and evil. Ambient background sounds and instrumental tracks make you feel an aura of deep space, thema that we also find in the texts along with several imaginary parasitosis. The voice is a combination of peagsqueals, gurglings and growls that will make you appreciate the different riffs made of breackdown, non-regular verses, oppressive slam and fast brutal. All played in extremely low tones. Oh, and the drum is insane of course. Recommended for fans of brutalslam of course, but also for who like deathmetal and mad vocals too.

1.1 Bacterial Contamination and Overheating of the Matter Caused By
1.2 Infinite Cerebral Loop of Neurotemporal Cognition and Organoleptic Sensory Loss
1.3 Prototype of Paragordius Tricuspidatus and of Spinochordodes
1.4 Ekbom Syndrome
1.5 Atmospheric Compression and Saturation of Pathogenic Saprophytes
1.6 Partial Decomposition and Reconstruction of Human Tissues Inhibited By the Lack of Organic Car
1.7 Irreversible Acid Variation of the Atmospheric Composition and Production of Corrosive Anhydrides for the Human Respiratory
1.8 Excessive Accumulation of Mutagenic Toxins and Mental Alteration
1.9 Pollution Proliferation
1.10 C35H48N8O11S (Feat Alex Sedin)

Ophiocordyceps: Delusional Infestation Of Mutated Pathogens

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