O.A.R.: XX

O.a.R.: XX
Title: XX
Artist: O.A.R.
Label: Vanguard Records
UPC: 888072000810
Genre: Rock

Two CD edition. 2016 collection released in celebration of their 20th anniversary. This set includes a career-spanning collection of O.A.R. s biggest hits and incredible live shows plus new studio material. Disc One features fan favorites such as 'Heaven', 'Peace', 'Shattered', 'Two Hands Up' and more. Disc Two spotlights select performances from their extensive live catalog. XX is the definitive collection for any O.A.R. fan, as it thoroughly commemorates and celebrates the much-loved band’s first two decades. Containing 22 tracks, XX collects in one place for the first time this long-running band’s most popular studio recordings and live staples.

1.1 Follow Me, Follow You
1.2 I Go Through
1.3 Peace
1.4 Two Hands Up
1.5 Heaven
1.6 This Town
1.7 Love and Memories
1.8 Shattered (Turn the Car Around)
1.9 Heard the World
1.10 Lay Down
1.11 Hey Girl
1.12 That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
1.13 City on Down
1.14 Dareh Meyod
1.15 Black Rock
1.16 About An Hour Ago
1.17 Night Shift... Stir It Up
1.18 Untitled
1.19 About Mr. Brown
1.20 I Feel Home

O.A.R.: XX


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