James, Jako: Creepshow

Notorious Outlaw Jako James: Creepshow
Title: Creepshow
Label: CD Baby

Growing up in the streets gave Notorious Outlaw Jako James (Gerald Shepard) something to rap about, making the lyrics of his songs hit like championship punches delivering the real goods to his listeners. This thirty-something Shreveport, Louisiana native is no stranger to the rap arena. Notorious Outlaw Jako James has been rapping for over a decade and actively involved in the industry for 10 years. That experience has just exploded on the scene with his second album entitled, 'Fully Automatic,' a non-stop flow of street-wise Shreveport based gangsta sound. Raised in Shreveport and Houston, life for Notorious Outlaw Jako James wasn't always as simple as black and white. He was raised by his grandmother in Shreveport, La. and later moved to Houston, Texas with his mother. His father died in 1982. Notorious Outlaw Jako James credits his Uncle Les Brown, president and owner of Ponomo Records, with helping him in launch his career in the music industry. 'Uncle Les really encouraged me to put forth an effort to improve myself and be the best that I can be,' Notorious Outlaw Jako James says. 'He is a successful person and role model for me and that can only make me a better person.' Notorious Outlaw Jako James realizes that the course which could have been an easy path for him was the case for many of his peers. 'I have a lot of friends who got caught up in bad situations,' he says. 'They had no mentor to teach them the do's and don'ts in the music business or in life.' The rapid succession of beats and flows are exactly what 'Fully Automatic' is about. Notorious Oultaw Jako James doesn't rap from what he hears or sees, but from what he experiences, keeping a street-wise real-life edge to his music that's evident in his personality. The unique flow of this album kicks off with the first single 'Big Baller.' Record pools have accurately predicted this song as a hit. It's creative beats and sounds are unique and refreshing, offering a Gulf Coast bounce with a touch of Louisiana Swing. Notorious Outlaw Jako James explains that may people compare his style to other renownded rappers, but he smiles and confidently says, 'People will soon realize who is the originator.' Before stepping on the scene with 'Creepshow' Notorious Outlaw Jako James was considered the 'neighborhood celebrity' performing at clubs and house parties. He is now on his way to being a national star with such songs as 'Don't Knows', which proclaims a jealousy and playa hating is worse than the KKK as well as 'My Enemy' a lyrical flow and lesson to alert people to protect themselves and their property from those who invade it. 'Fully Automatic' is on the Ponomo Record label. It's family-oriented company that represents being successful and achieving your dreams and goals. Successful is exactly what Notorious Outlaw Jako James is. Besides shaking up the rap industry, he attended Pierce Junior College in Woodland Hills, California, where he majored in business. He then transferred to Texas College and changed his major to Telecommunications. Notorious Outlaw Jako James left Texas Southern without graduating to fulfill his responsibilities as a father and take care of his 6-year old daughter, Jasmine. Although he did not receive his degree, he plans to return to school and complete his education. His 12-track album 'Fully Automatic' is a combination of lyrical melodies, creative beats, exotic sounds and refreshing rhythms which make Notorious Outlaw Jako James and his music unique. He wrote most of the songs and was assisted in the production by J-Loc for Full Swing Entertainment, Lemar 'Kid Fresh' Sain, Polo, Reginald 'Maestro' Harper, along with instruments support by Luster Baker and Chessy Mac. Notorious Outlaw Jako James has graced the stage with such other major rap artists as the Notorious B.I.G., Big Mike and C-Bo. Notorious Outlaw Jako James is also featured in the 'Source' magazine and also featured on Murder Dog's compilation Southern Exxposure, which is getting rave reviews throughout the country. Whether in the studios or in the spotlight of thousands, Notorious Outlaw Jako James contends to always keep it real. It's his time to step up to the mike and tell his version of life. So prepare yourself for a new way of looking at things - the Notorious Outlaw Jako James way!

1.1 Creep Intro
1.2 Don't Ever
1.3 Headshots
1.4 Natural Born Killa
1.5 Alief Gangsta
1.6 Something 2 Ride 2
1.7 Just-In-Case
1.8 Studio Break
1.9 Nigga Name Jako
1.10 Mama
1.11 Shouts
1.12 NBK (Twisted)

James, Jako: Creepshow

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