Henry, Noel: How Can I Keep from Singing

Noel Henry: How Can I Keep from Singing
Title: How Can I Keep from Singing
Artist: Henry, Noel
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 753667021221
Genre: Christian

Noel Henry was a well-known recording artist who, with his Irish Showband, entertained at dances, functions and concerts across the country since he journeyed to the US from his home in Balla, County Mayo, Ireland over 30 years ago. In 1988, Noel was diagnosed with bone cancer and after surgery and a year of chemotherapy his cancer went into remission. In thanksgiving he and his wife Winne went on their first pilgrimage to Medugorje. Upon his return from this life-changing pilgrimage, he decided to record, what woud be his last album - How Can I Keep From Singing - a collection of Noel's favorite religious church hymns. With his eldest daughter Caroline accompanying him on several of the hymns, he recorded this beautiful album of inspirational hymns as a thanksgiving for his remission from cancer. One of the songs on the CD called 'Song of Thanks' was written by Noel Henry after his cancer was in remission. In this beautiful song, he shares his thoughts on what is truly important in life. However, in 1994, his cancer returned and sadly Noel passed away in January 1995, leaving behind his wife and 7 children and a legacy of beautiful music. This prayerful album continues to bring comfort, peace and joy to many people. REVIEWS ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ March 7, 2013 Almost Mystical, Jim B. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ April 12, 2009 'How Can I Keep from Singing' by Noel Henry is Awesome! 'This is one of my favorite CD's. I put it in my CD player and push the repeat button and let it play for hours. I simply love Noel's voice. It is so peaceful and inspiring. There are so many good songs on this CD, it is impossible to choose a favorite, but I do especially love 'Lady of Knock', 'Song of Thanks', 'As I Kneel Before You', and 'How Can I Keep From Singing.' By annie 'grannieannie' ______________________________________________________________________________________________ March 2, 2009 Inspirational album! Beyond description as a stress reliever and a real picker-upper. I wish Amazon would carry this CD because it is so good. Mary O. Klueber's ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ June 4, 1996 Dear Winnie, I have tried several times to sit and drop you a line. I know that the Noel Henry Family must have received many letters, notes and prayers during Noel's sickness and when he passed away. I didn't know him personally, other than a nodding hello, but I would like to tell you how he has helped two of us here in Tewksbury get thru some rough times. I think it was two years ago at the Cape I bought Noel's tape, "How Can I Keep From Singing?" Mary and I played the tape every day for quite a while. Our Pastor took sick around June of last year and after telling him about the songs, I called Val and she sent me the tape. I gave it to Father and still to this day he says how much the tape has meant to him. We both agree that the one particular song, "Song of Thanks", has made a difference in our lives. In January, after a routine physical, the rear wheels of my wagon came apart. Fortunately, I am now well on the way to recovery. The words of that "Song of Thanks" mirror exactly my feelings. For a short period after my surgery, I could not listen to the tape as my faith was surely shaken. I finally popped the tape in the car one morning. After listening to the entire tape, I started to climb out of the funk I was in. I am fully recovered due in no small part to Noel's music. Sincerely yours, W. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you very much for sending me the information on Noel. I will share it with the many people to whom I've introduced Noel through his CD, How Can I Keep from Singing, all of whom have become enamored of his music. We first heard the album on the bus during our trip last year. Father Mike played it during one of our sojourns to somewhere or other. It was an immediate hit with a lot of people. Father sold quite a few tapes that day. I am not into religious music at all, but I've fallen in love with this album, so has my wife. Neither of us have ever heard a more soothing and relaxing tape in all of our 65 plus years. This same comment has been expressed by everyone who has ever heard the recording. Yes, I'd like to have known Noel. He must have been quite a man. His love of life, and of God and his family, certainly comes through in his music. Even after his death, he continues to enrich the lives of others he didn't even know. It's not too often that we are lucky enough to be associated with such a man whose influence on others was so remarkable. Sincerely, J.J.H. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ February 14, 1995 Several months ago I picked up the CD "How Can I Keep From Singing". Most mornings I play it while saying my prayers. It is such a beautiful expression of a deep faith. I wanted to write to Noel so often and thank him for making it. I was so saddened to receive notice of his passing yesterday. You and all the family are in my thoughts and prayers. We all lost a wonderful singer and entertainer, but you lost a very special husband. The faith that you shared must now strengthen you and see you through this sad time. Love M.M. P.S. Please tell Caroline "Holy Is Your Name" is my favorite song. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ February 2, 1995, Massachusetts General Hospital I was so sorry to hear of Noel's death. We will all miss him. I enjoyed seeing him and taking care of him. I wish we had been able to do more. I will continue to enjoy his music, as will others. We often have his tapes on in the operating room. May God be with you. Sincerely, D. S. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Just listening to his "Song of Thanks" says it all! I listened to one of the band's tapes in my car on the way home last night and I cried so hard when the "Song of Thanks" came on that I was afraid at first that I'd get in an accident, but somehow I quickly thought "no I won't, I believe Noel is watching over me"!!! I know, or "believe" I know, that some of you are feeling angry with God right now (just as I did when my father died at a young age). I know you want to yell out loud - why him? Why now? How could you do this to us??!! I know because I've said those words before. I'm not sure of the "plan" though, but I also believe there is a reason for all of this. K. G. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ A friend of mine gave me Noel's CD, "How Can I keep From Singing", and I was so impressed and touched by each song on there. My son, who has Cerebral Palsy and loves music, ordered the CD for himself. Our house hasn't been the same since! At all times of the day or night, I'll hear Noel singing and I can't explain how much I'm inspired and lifted up. My husband and son feel the same way. When I need a lift, I play it in the car and am immediately in touch with God. My tape stays in the car always as so many times I'm harried and need the spiritual touch. I take my son, to Hartford, CT for therapy every other week and his therapist, Steve, is a very spiritual person so my son gave him his CD. Well, you'll never know how much that music has touched people or how many people it touches! One day when the tape was playing, a man called the office for an appointment and asked who was singing that beautiful song. So you see, lots of people near and far enjoy and are inspired by just listening. One of his other therapists says she plays it every night before she falls asleep and is worried about the tape w

1.1 How Can I Keep from Singing?
1.2 Be Not Afraid
1.3 Blest Be the Lord
1.4 Holy Is Your Name
1.5 Old Rugged Cross
1.6 Universe Is Singing
1.7 Our Lady of Knock
1.8 How Great Thou Art
1.9 Alleluia
1.10 Peace Is Flowing
1.11 As I Kneel Before You
1.12 Song of Thanks
1.13 Make Me a Channel of Your Peace
1.14 Song of the Body of Christ
1.15 Hail Mary Gentle Woman
1.16 Let There Be Peace
1.17 Irish Blessing

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Henry, Noel: How Can I Keep from Singing


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