Noctiferia: Per Aspera

Noctiferia: Per Aspera
Title: Per Aspera
Label: On Parole Production

This is the second full album of Slovenian Noctiferia. Originally was released back in 2002 and this is a re release of On Parole, in digipack edition, remastered, including 3 bonus tracks! A mix of death, black and industrial metal, a genious metal album, for fans of Morbid Angel, Emperor, Samael, Malevolent Creation!

1.1 Per Aspera
1.2 Grief to Master
1.3 Fond of Lies
1.4 Aught Against Thee
1.5 God's Debris
1.6 Seething Eye
1.7 Realm Burns on
1.8 Never Rue
1.9 Err to Hell
1.10 Err to Hell (Preproduction Version)
1.11 Aught Against Thee (Preproduction Version)
1.12 Fond of Lies (Preproduction Version)

Noctiferia: Per Aspera

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