Never End: Cold And The Craving

Never End: Cold And The Craving
Title: Cold And The Craving
Artist: Never End
Label: Brutal Records
UPC: 731007296737
Genre: Heavy Metal, Heavy Metal

We are a power trio band called NEVER END, with 12 years of existence, that breaks the boundaries between metal, hardcore, grunge, and rock! This new album has 9 songs, which reflect the conflicting nature of the human condition and represents an opportunity to reflect and explore this issue. Sprawling in conception, hyper-subversive in an aural palette blending and lyrical assailment, Never End hits like a defibrillator to the limbic system

1.1 Nightmares
1.2 Fake it All
1.3 Scapegoat
1.4 Endless Seasons
1.5 Building Shields
1.6 The Cold and the Craving
1.7 Soul Plague
1.8 Faceless
1.9 Driven so far

Never End: Cold And The Craving


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