Netherbird: Ghost Collector

Netherbird: Ghost Collector
Title: Ghost Collector
Artist: Netherbird
Label: Black Lodge Records
UPC: 6663666001107
Genre: Rock, Heavy Metal

Digitally remastered edition of the first full-length Netherbird album, when it came out in 2008, was well received by the media and attracted a large group of fans. Due to the production being pretty heavy on keyboards and gothic elements, the band quickly gained popularity among the appreciators of gothic-influenced extreme- and sympho-black metal. The Ghost Collector is a promise of something grand and ambitious, it is a clear proof that Netherbird were always a band with a bigger vision; and it paves a solid path to the success of their recent, more atmospheric records. This album is an inspired complex venture, combining both the earliest tunes written by Netherbird co-founder Grim and songs created by the band's main composer Bizmark between 2004 and 2008, with vocalist Nephente's profound and imaginative lyrics crowning them. A massive guild of guest musicians that took part on the recording sessions adds to the versatility of instrumentation and stylistic diversity of the record.

1.1 Dead Grid Incantation
1.2 The Blackest Breed
1.3 Carcass Symphony
1.4 Adrift on the Sea of Misery
1.5 Lighthouse Eternal (Laterna Magika)
1.6 Hidden Beneath Flesh Pest Ridden
1.7 The Beauty of Bones
1.8 Forever Mournful
1.9 Adrift Towards Eternity
1.10 Blood Orchid
1.11 Ashen Nectar
1.12 Boulevard Black
1.13 Boulevard Black (Reprise)

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Netherbird: Ghost Collector


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