Swiggett, Nelda: This Time

Nelda Swiggett: This Time
Title: This Time
Label: Oa2

Northwest pianist and composer Nelda Swiggett draws from her long list of influences on "This Time," her first recording in a trio setting. The album brings her long-time band mates, bassist Chris Symer and drummer Byron Vannoy, into the forefront as the trio glides and twists through a program of highly melodic original compositions. Nelda's vocals are featured on both "Walk Beside Me" and "Say in Silence," bringing a distinctly personal quality to the project. "Swiggett can comp sparsely like Monk and then solo with Tynerian ringing fire..." - Cadence Magazine.

1.1 For the Love of It
1.2 Chill
1.3 Jack and the Key Boo Ba
1.4 Heart of the Moment
1.5 No Tattoo
1.6 Walk Beside Me
1.7 Mere Madness
1.8 The Time Being
1.9 Beyond That
1.10 Say in Silence
1.11 Salut Ledru Rollin

Swiggett, Nelda: This Time

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