Mystr Treefrog & Smoking Gnomes: Eat My Cloud

Mystr Treefrog: Eat My Cloud
Title: Eat My Cloud
Label: CD Baby

When Athens Ga meets Washington D.C. everything goes wild and trip-sonic. Mystr Treefrog and Dr. Morpheus were kids in Athens, Georgia once. They hung out in a crazed gaggle of artists,musicians and psychedelic icons-some of whom later became The B-52s. Dr. Morpheus (Owen Scott III) played with Ricky Wilson and Keith Strickland in seminal Athens bands like Black Narcissus and The Zambo Flirts. Fast forward to the recent past when mutual friend Roy Bell re-connected with MTF and Dr.M. on the ubiquitous FaceBook channel and the two began reacquainting.. The old friends decided to do some studio time with Frank'the Punisher' Marchand -legendary Balt-DC Engineer. .and EAT MY CLOUD by The Smoking Gnomes was the result.This album is a collaboration of Power Rock, Psychedelia,Psycho-Americana and great lyrics. Backed by the monster Thump of a D.C. based rhythm section- James Dail/bass and Chris Zogby on drums- the MYSTR and the DOCTOR they laid down this rocking piece of mayhem. This is not music to NAP QUIETLY to. Energy Rules. Loud is Best. The great Deanna Bogart guests on 2 cuts,playing saxophone,singing support, and rocking a Little Richard inspired piano..(Bed Of Hot Coals and Mystr Treefrog Road Trip.) Ms. Sara Kryscio adds soulful vocals and Larry Byrne puts the B-3 funkadelic in the mix. Alphonso'Hot'Coals adds the percussive heartbeat on djembe and congas. Also appearing are Francene Machetto and Patty Dougherty on support vocals and Francene takes the bass on Mystr Treefrog Road Trip- a hillarious song written by Dr. Morpheus (Owen Scott III) about the random road trip the band took to appear on a live webcast at a local Long Island webshow called This was that madcap adventure that started it all. Mastered at Bias Studios in Springfield,Va by the star engineer Mike Monsuer. MAKE this music YOURS.

1.1 Teeth of the Wind
1.2 Put U Thru
1.3 Biscuit in the Jesus RM
1.4 The Goddess Who Dances
1.5 Time to Go Home
1.6 I Got Frenz
1.7 Ubiquitous Id
1.8 Bed of Hot Coals
1.9 Impress Me
1.10 Mystr Treefrog Road Trip

Mystr Treefrog & Smoking Gnomes: Eat My Cloud

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