Mr. Scott 'the Music Man': Don't Be Lazy Move Like Crazy

Mr. Scott the Music Man: Don&
Title: Don't Be Lazy Move Like Crazy
Artist: Mr. Scott 'the Music Man'
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 700261312040
Genre: Children's

Mr. Scott ?The Music Man' delivers a uniquely creative and energetic, interactive concert experience for children and their families. His multi-faceted show is guided by his improvisational spirit and features his own brand of zany singing, physical movements, coupled with his very dynamic original music. His fans come to his shows wearing tie dye, which is Mr. Scott's signature attire from head to toe - yes, even his socks too! His audience stands up and interacts with Mr. Scott ?The Music Man' as he takes them through a series of wacky movements, facial expressions and sound effects always accompanied by his hip, movin' and groovin' creative music. He incorporates various styles inspired by music from all over the world and changes the rhythm,tempo and dynamics constantly in order to properly teach the basic building blocks of music to his young audience. A typical Mr. Scott ?The Music Man performance consists of high energy, whole body movements, combined with more fixed body movements. His audience stands most of the time, but he also has his audience sit now and then for an always humorous finger play or call and answer tune. Sitting is rare, because Mr. Scott ?The Music Man's motto is defintely "NO COUCH POTATOES"!! "My goal is to teach children to love all kinds of music in combination with a love for physical fitness. The message is simply that exercise is fun when music is a part of it and regular exercise keeps us all healthy,happy and confident in our daily lives"

1.1 Overture
1.2 Don't Be Lazy, Move Like Crazy
1.3 The Reggae/Ska Song
1.4 I Believe in Me!!
1.5 Switch on, Switch Off
1.6 Eine Kleine Not Music
1.7 The Family Song
1.8 I Love India
1.9 Heavy Metal Moves
1.10 The Exercise Song
1.11 Hello
1.12 Shake
1.13 Now I Know...(Abc)
1.14 Grandma's Glasses
1.15 Look at Me, Mommy!
1.16 Funky Scarf
1.17 Parachute Ocean
1.18 A Trip to Space
1.19 Jack in the Box
1.20 Africa Walk
1.21 Genre Jam
1.22 Chinese March
1.23 Morning Stretch
1.24 Slow-Mo
1.25 The Ballet Song
1.26 Floating

Mr. Scott 'the Music Man': Don't Be Lazy Move Like Crazy


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